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Spitz Consulting Systems (SCS) works with a multitude of add-on products for ACT! 4, ACT! 2000, ACT! 6, ACT! 2005, ACT! 2006, ACT! 2007, ACT! 2008, ACT! 2009 and ACT! 2010.  SCS has installed ACT! on a variety of systems from Palms, Blackberrys, Pocket PCs to Windows Servers. We do on-site training and customization in Westchester, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Eliminate Spam 

If spam is a problem for you, then keep reading. We have just become resellers of Postini, a preemptive email protection system (or spam and virus eliminator) that stops spam and viruses before they get to your system. The big difference between this technology and others like Norton Anti-Spam and I Hate Spam is that Postini stops spam at their server, not at your desktop. It also has an very good user interface that allows you as well as the administrator (us) to control the levels, options and whitelists. All this helps to significantly reduce or eliminate spam. Just to show you. Here are my settings:

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Remote Support -
Can you really see my machine?

We, at Spitz Consulting Systems, pride ourselves in providing a high level of service. We are always looking for ways to improve our service to customers. In that light, we are excited to announce that we are able to greatly enhance our service because of a newly implemented remote control software system called Netviewer.

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